The Goods

As a Colorado native and a curator of cool at a corporate level, I want to share my love for Colorado with the world! The goods sold are unique and often limited edition. Some of them are designed and made by me, while others are handmade by other artisans, mostly in the USA and Canada. Some of my favorites are the mountain jewelry and zodiac signs.


The Art and Design Story

Colorado Hearth started as a New Year's resolution to get better at Instagram. I was being complacent creatively 2 years after having my daughter and I needed to jump start my inspiration, so I made it my goal to post a picture and pun led description and story on Instagram a couple times a week for a year. That led to a personal creative art and design renaissance, resulting in the goods you see for sale here.


The Inspiration

Inspiration for Colorado Hearth goods comes from all sorts places. Travel, toddlers, photos, vintage goods, nature, animals, plants, patterns and food are some of the main sources. 

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